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We have a wonderful cosmetic set 3 in 1 in our assortment - an alternative to jars and creams.
The first stage is facial skin cleansing with MICELLAR WATER, perhaps the most important in skin care of any type. The action of water is based on micelles that hold dirt on a damp cloth. In addition, the product is enriched with active ingredients of rose petal extract, green tea and panthenol.
The second stage of care is the use of TONIC for the face. The lotion contains an extract of rose petals and a component based on ginseng - the bioantioxidant complex NEOVITIN (know-how, RF patent 2095078), which is not found in the formulation of any cosmetics in the world.
The third stage of care - Moisturizing for the face with cream wipes. The active ingredients in the lotion retain moisture in the skin, which prevents the formation of peeling and dehydration of the upper layer of the dermis. The composition of the lotion includes special components: rose petal extract and Hydrating (moisturizing) complex Hydroviton 24, which further enhance the effect of the lotion. Suitable for all skin types.