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About the company Bumfa Group
21st century
Post-industrial society: high productivity, knowledge industry, beauty industry, another round of urbanization. The main intensive factor in the development of post-industrial society is human capital. Even a person is capital! And in this world we are looking for and find the way to our consumer. After all, our product — hygiene products — is what any modern person will always need. Our market is the future, and we clearly see our path in the next 15 years.
There is already a long way behind us:

Bumfa Group has been operating in the Russian market of sanitary and hygienic products since 2001, since 2008 it has been operating in the markets of the CIS countries. Today Bumfa Group is a high-tech enterprise that manufactures products at 2 production sites in Stavropol and Cherkessk. On an area of ​​eight thousand square meters, cotton pads and cotton swabs, wet wipes, paper napkins and paper handkerchiefs are produced. In total — more than 200 items, with a total volume of over 200 million units per year.

We are the first in Russia
We saw the possibilities of the territory of our location: LLC "Bumfa Group", with its strategic partner, is implementing a project for growing selected cotton on land in the Stavropol Territory. Cotton, under the control of our own laboratory, goes through several cycles of cleaning and fiber opening to obtain high-quality nonwoven fabric. The modern equipment of the leading companies in the USA and Europe eliminates impurities, the accumulation of nodules, heterogeneity of the material and makes the products truly snow-white. This project allows us to be confident in the environmental friendliness and quality of raw materials and guarantees high quality products from the first stage.
Unique sourcing and safe formulations
In the production of wet wipes of any kind — refreshing and for removing makeup, for children and hypoallergenic — European ingredients of the impregnating composition are used, certified in the territory of the European and Customs Unions. The base of the lotions is the glacial melt water of the famous mountain resort of Arkhyz, which gives the optimal combination of naturalness and hygiene. The used packaging guarantees the preservation of all properties of the napkins, including moisture, for up to three years.
Product quality
The Bumfa Group has been confirmed by numerous studies, one of which, for example, was carried out specifically at the request of the Beiersdorf company. in laboratories in Germany.
Company management
  • Shebzukhov Aslan Elmurzovich 
  • Nikolaev Vladimir Igorevich
    Director of Sales
    E-mail: NikolaevVI@bumfa.ru
    Phone: +79632851465
  • Shebzukhova Valeria Khusinovna
    Head of own TM department
    E-mail: chm1@bumfa.ru
    Phone: + 79283837877
  • Berezhnaya Svetlana Anatolievna
    Sales Manager Siberia and the Far East
    E-mail: BerejnayaSA@bumfa.ru
    Phone: + 79050991001
  • Kamynin Viktor Petrovich
    Sales Manager, Volga Federal District and Southern Federal District
    E-mail: KamyninVP@bumfa.ru
    Phone: + 79883554874
  • Kiryanova Elena Lvovna
    Head of marketing department
    E-mail: KiryanovaEL@bumfa.ru
    Phone: +79187193347
  • Kostyukov Mikhail Alekseevich
    Sales Manager, Central Federal District and Moscow
    E-mail: KostukovMA@bumfa.ru
    Phone: +79264699946
  • Novoselov Sergey Pavlovich
    UFO Sales Manager
    E-mail: NovoselovSP@bumfa.ru
    Phone: +79000661792
  • Petrishcheva Elena Sergeevna
    Sales Manager, Northwestern Federal District
    E-mail: PetrishhevaES@bumfa.ru
    Phone: +79604388057
  • Pheshkhov Artur Mukhadinovich
    Sales Manager, NCFD
    E-mail: PheshhovAM@bumfa.ru
    Phone: +79886090707
  • Abitov Murat Khizirovich
    Direct Sales Manager
    E-mail: AbitovMKH@bumfa.ru
    Phone: + 79880990379
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