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Director's message

We have been working together for more than one year and each new year is not just another reporting period in which we plan to make a lot of money.
This is also a period in the life of each of us when the opportunity is provided to do good deeds, which, for a long time later, people will associate with our names. This means that our deeds must be large, light and durable. But we are leaders, we cannot do anything alone. Success in our affairs depends little on our orders from above. The main resource of any company is people who will believe us, will not betray and will make even more of us.

The main skill of a leader is to find such people and help them realize themselves. I would like to share the statement of a very successful manager, head of the world's largest corporation "InBev" Carlos Brito, with whose every word I agree, and I wish all partners to have such employees, and all employees to have such leaders. “Great companies are created by great people. The success of any organization depends on the kind of people you attract, retain, develop and reward. Therefore, it is very important to hire more gifted people than yourself - they motivate you to develop. Talented workers, sometimes annoying and often quarrelsome in the team, are much more valuable than those who have little interest in the future of the enterprise and do not strive for development themselves. Already on Monday, these begin to count the remaining days until the weekend, and all their activity ends after the next weekly report from you. The best employees change the corporate culture, the worst protect it. A talented manager, attracts the same talented specialists. The mediocre person himself tries to stay in the same position and protects the familiar environment. Trust innovators and rebels more, but make sure that their activity does not escalate into chaos. Keeping track of and not interfering is what top management considers. And if you do everything for your employees or give them instructions more often than they offer you ideas, why are you hiring them at all? " Agree, there is something to think about from such words.

I wish all employees of any company to be positive and irrepressible in ideas, and all managers of any level - to trust more new beginnings and not stop halfway. Bumfa Group has outlined many changes in the near future and we see these changes together with our partners and our employees. Dear businessmen, your business started because you did something new, which you didn’t do before, what prevents you from doing something new more often? Let's move to a new level of cooperation - this is both new and beneficial. We are young, positive, talented. Join the company on the road to success!